Little Bit Of Lisa

Hi, I’m Lisa – An Animal Loving, Coffee Addicted, Hockey Playing, Women Supporting, Degree Getting, Canadian Blogger

Many people have asked me either what got me into blogging or why do I do it in general- I figured while I have a coffee in hand, bumpin’ country music on and the sunshine glistening through the windows (that I really need to clean), now would be the perfect time to answer that:

I originally started “Little Bit Of Lisa” as a way to get an internship for an asset with my university degree. Each company I looked at asked for my blog url and social media handles. They wanted to see that I could market my brand before they hired me on to help market their brand. So thats when I made the jump and decided to get comfortable with being vulnerable by putting myself out there.

Since that day, it’s been a very big learning curve- THANK GOSH for the internet.

After about 3 months in to my blogging path, I hit a roadblock. Being a blogger started to get very complicated and overwhelming. I started having companies asking to be an ambassador for their company and people ask for me to help them grow- when I was still learning and basically had no idea what I was doing. I turned down the first wave of companies that offered me a great opportunity to collaborate with them. Which terrified me, what if that was going to be my only break and my only chance to grow my blog? But i decided that since my blog is all about being real- that I wasn’t going to risk the integrity of myself, as well as my blog, by helping companies I didn’t fully believe in or stand behind their products
After turning down these opportunities I decided two things:

1. Little Bit of Lisa is going to be my way to promote positivity in this world

2. For people to know that they aren’t alone by educating society on mental health.

I wanted to make my blog a source for me to help people, and along the way I ended up learning new things about myself. I didn’t want to spend the whole time stressing that I wasn’t growing my following. I want to spend the time focusing on the people that do care what I have to say and learn from my lessons. I want to make sure they feel heard and try to change their lives for the better with me by helping them to develop better confidence, understanding and self love.

So now I blog because I want to be there for people when they need someone, I want people to see an influencer that is real with them- doesn’t just show them their 100% highlight days. I want to show that it’s okay to be weird, vulnerable, outspoken and authentically themselves.

Every day I’m trying to be the best version of myself and encourage others to do the same by spreading love and kindness in this messy & complicated world.